About us

Welcome to Sultan Financial Services

Sultan Financial Services is committed to provide each and every client with a personalised service with a significant competitive advantage. We recognise the fact that individuals and small businesses differ in their financials goals and expectations and we aim to meet each one through the use of our high levels of expertise and experience dealing in the global financial services industry.


Our vision: We at Sultan Exchange are specialists and leaders within the field of Foreign Exchange Solution Management. We guarantee exchange rates significantly better than those offered by the banks both for present and future markets and a high level of customer service that will not only meet but also exceed expectations.

Sultan Exchange has developed a vast global network that allows us to make payments for minimal markets costs. Our unbeatable rates and exceptional customer services is evidenced by the clients that we currently deal with.

We are specialists in every service that we have to offer from money exchange, bill payments, and money orders to buy and sell gold. We are flexible, reasonable and more than ready to help with all of your foreign exchange requirements.